Tuesday, October 27, 2009

in-n-out is almost here!

I just found out that in-n-out will be opening in Draper on November 17th. Draper is only 15 minutes from us here in Highland. There's one still under construction in Orem, but I'm not sure when it will open. I am just SO EXCITED!

I'm not big on red meat. Once a month Brent will grill steak (and he does a super great job), and I'm usually good with two or three bites. I don't ever cook with beef. I'm better with poultry and fish. Usually the heavy proteins are just TOO heavy for me. But for some reason, I never feel bad after eating an in-n-out burger.

What's so great about in-n-out you ask? Well, here is just a short list of reasons why it's the best place to buy a burger:

1- They use the highest quality and freshest meat.
2- Their fries actually look and TASTE like real potatoes (because they are - no sugar added).
3- Animal style or no onion/extra tomato; they always make it to order.
4- The people working there are NICE!
5- Their restaurants are always clean.
6- FRESH iceberg lettuce, RIPE juicy tomatoes.
7- Lemon-up.
8- Yummiest buns.
9- "Secret" sauce.
10- Shakes made from REAL ice cream.
11- Affordable.
12- They give my kids stickers.

Last friday Mercedes told me that she wants to go to in-n-out for her birthday. Looks like that's where you'll find us on Nov. 21st.

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AnnmarieOlava said...

They are also opening one in American Fork right of the Main Street exit! Kevin and I are super excited too! It should be open right before Thanksgiving!