Monday, October 5, 2009

He made it!

We finally heard from Brent. Yahoo!!! He's made it all the way to Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. Instead of forwarding various family members the email, I'll just post it here:

I have been trying to email, call, email, call, but it seems like there is everything not working to allow me to get in touch with you. Things are great here. It seems like a pretty safe place due to the size. It is like living in a city with thousands of people constantly going places. The food is pretty good with fresh vegetables and fruit and stuff. I dont think that I will be that busy here from the looks of it. I will be working out of a tent for a while and the set up is like an AYUDA set up, but that is okay. People here are pretty nice and the weather has been very comfortable, mostly because the air conditioning works so well. The temp is normally in the 90s outside. It is very dusty here though. Like a continual cloud hovering over the base. The mail system is pretty good supposedly so I dont think that it will be a problem mailing stuff. They have not given me an address, but I dont have space yet to get any mail anyway. Hope this email reaches you. I will try and figure out a way to call sometime soon. Glad to hear the kids are doing well tell them I love them and miss them. Love you lots too.


I am so relieved to know where he is and to have heard from him. I feel like now I can feel normal again. So life is good. Thanks for all of your love and prayers and concern. We're so grateful for your support and kind words.

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