Sunday, October 18, 2009

"I drive my car."

Cooper makes me laugh every day.

This morning he was pretending to "drive his car." He got out of the armchair that was serving as his car and said, "I'm home!" I asked him if he had fun driving his car, and then asked if he drove fast or slow. He thought for a minute, "uhhhh..." and then said, "I put my seatbelt on. Then go fast." And then, "I go feed the chickens now."

(My dad keeps chickens with a friend at the friends house - because my mom does not want them messing all over her yard - and sometimes has to go down to Provo to feed the chickens. Cooper loves to go with him.)

Currently, he is driving Mercedes and Grandma in "the little taxi car." They're going to Jupiter. When Grandma got in the car Cooper said, "I put on your seatbelt" and put Grandma's seatbelt on.

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