Tuesday, December 14, 2010

stormy stormy

The wind and hail and rain and thunder woke me last night.  It lasted all night long.  Brent leaves for work by 6:20, and soon after I got a phone call.  He'd locked his keys in his car at the gas station on post.  So I yanked the kids from each of their beds (thankfully Mercedes was already awake) and we braved the storm.  Pitch black, foggy windows and POUNDING rain.  I'm just not used to weather, I guess.  Brent was worried that since he was parked in front of the gas pump, his car would be towed.  Luckily, the tow didn't arrive before we did.  

I'd planned a big grocery trip to Trader Joe's for this morning, but decided on our way home to stop at Safeway and run in while I could leave the kids locked in the car (in Mercedes' care).  Sure that so far from home and early in the morning (7:30 by now but still pitch black outside) I wouldn't see anyone I knew, I ran in for some milk, bananas and cheese (the three things I didn't want to wait until Wednesday to get).  I was doing fine until I got into line for the one open register and discovered that I was behind my Relief Society president, and the casher was Cooper's Sunbeam teacher!  At least I was wearing a bra, right?

As soon as we pulled into our driveway the rain stopped.  The sun even burst through for a bit.  I was beating myself up for not just waiting to do my shopping later (I'd been trying to avoid taking the boys out in the pouring rain).  Now, though, I'm glad.  The rain stopped for a very short two hours and it's now dark and windy and VERY WET outside.  

This place is gorgeous and I love living here, but I still look forward to the day when we will (hopefully) live on the Southern California Coast, weather-free.

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