Thursday, December 2, 2010

all i want for christmas

is my two front teeth

Mercedes after losing her first tooth.

So... some people have asked us what we want for Christmas.  

Does anyone else not like being asked this question?  

Of course, I ask it of others because I want to know what they want and I want to give them gifts.

So here is our family Christmas Wish List:

First of all, what we want most is to be able to spend as much time as possible with each of our friends and family.  Really.  This is what will bring us the most joy and fulfillment.  We miss all of you so very much.  

Since we are working toward paying down all of our student loans in the next few years, we don't have much extra cash to spend this Christmas.  We'd be most comfortable with no one spending any money on us.

Beyond that, we do (of course) have some needs and wants...

  • Brent:  He needs a belt (he's lost his brown or black one, but I don't remember which - I'll ask).  He'd also like the new President Monson Bio.  He's into cooking challenges lately, so a really detailed recipe book would be fun for him (like the Williams-Sonoma one that's at Costco right now).  Our Mac mouse died a few years ago, and it'd be great to have a new one. He likes movies like:  Iron Man and Sorcerer's Apprentice.  But mostly, he just doesn't want anyone to spend any money.  That'd make him the happiest.

  • Lisa:  Some alone time with Brent would be wonderful.  So if anyone wants to watch the "monsters" for a few hours... that's my biggest wish.  I'd like to learn about Yoga, and am saving up to take a class here - so a book about the subject or some $ to go toward my goal would be great.  We still don't have a flag for our flagpole.  And I'm always excited about itunes gift cards.  Or Costco.  Or Target.  This may be shocking news, but I love to shop.

  • Mercedes:  Is in need of some white ankle socks.  She wears a size 2/3 shoe.  She's into silly bands.  She just got her ears pierced, but with her sensitive skin will probably only be able to wear 14 karat gold studs.  Also, she doesn't yet have a gymnastics leo.  They're pretty pricey, though.  She doesn't need new shoes, but desperately wants a pair of Ugg-type boots.  Size 3.  

  • Cooper:  Wants some silly bands of his own.  He needs some white ankle socks.  He wears a Size 9 shoe, I think.  It's gotten VERY cold here, and some mittens and/or a ski hat would be well-used (he wears a size 4/5).  He likes automobiles, trains, and dinosaurs - and especially loves books about them.  He'd probably have fun with a new puzzle.  He just told me that he wants a boy doggie.

  • Lincoln:  Also loves automobiles, trains, dinosaurs and books.  He loves to play ball.  He also needs some mittens and a hat.  He wears a size 2.  Both Coop and Link have grown out of their warm coats.
So there you are.  

By the way, we're pretty excited for Christmas.  We can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa and Gram and Grandpa and Chris and Kevin and Annmarie and Gerratt and Nietra and Avery and Kimball and Britton and Aiden and Liam and Suzannie and Dave and Sarah Kaye and Gaba and Brianne and Rowena and Aiden Eccles and Great-Grandma and Randy and Lorraine and Rebecca and Rachel and Natalie.  And the snow.  

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