Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a 4th birthday

"I'm FOUR years old!  I'm FOUR years old!" - this is what Coop was heard shouting from the rooftop yesterday morning.  

And suddenly he does seem older.  He only wears diapers to bed.  We've just learned to accept the accidents as they come.  

Coop's friend Tanner came over to play the morning of his birthday.  They had a blast screaming and running from Lincoln, who was "it".  

Every 15 minutes or so Coop would ask, "Is it time for my cake yet?"  

We were done with our dinner of whole wheat waffles topped with blueberries and maple syrup by 5:00.  We had the shortest Family Night lesson in history and opened presents.  The silly bands were definitely a hit.  Now he's playing on the floor next to me with a new watch on one wrist (a mickey mouse one given to coop by our neighbor), and about a million superhero silly bands on the other.  

And finally... the cake.  Brent likes to be in charge of desserts, and chose to make a confetti bundt cake covered with whipped cream (we drizzled strawberry sauce on each piece - yum).  I was tasked with finding the decorations for the cake.  Mercedes and I found a tiny Buzz and Woody to put on either side of his Toy Story Alien candle.  

After a call from each of his grandparents, Coop and the rest of us settled in to watch Toy Story 3 (one of his gifts).  Pictures will come... at some point.

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Suzanne said...

Happy birthday Cooper! Only a couple more weeks and we'll be together. Yay!