Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super-Mom to the Rescue

Those of you who know my mom are aware of how incredible she is. I am constantly amazed by her selflessness. She is ALWAYS patient, hardly sleeps, works like a machine, is constantly serving (without being asked)... I don't know why I was blessed to be sent to my parents, but I am always aware of the great blessing it is to be their daughter.

She flew out here from Utah to take care of us when Lincoln was born. I don't know what I would have done without her! Not once did I worry about the kids while I was in the hospital - I knew that they would be happy with Grandma. In fact, Grandma is probably their very favorite person. I know that Mercedes would rather be with Grandma than anyone else. And why not? She is always patient and kind with the kids, even when they yell and talk back to her. She makes cookies with them, takes them on walks and to the park, plays pretend with them, reads to them, makes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, buys them clothes and toys and movies and books, doesn't mind when they wake her up at 5 am (or earlier), lets them play with her hair (water and mousse included)... pretty much does or gives them whatever they want.

But that's not all - when she wasn't spoiling Mercedes and Cooper she was cleaning my house from top to bottom and cooking for us. She scrubbed my floors, vacuumed constantly, did laundry daily, washed dishes multiple times a day, waited on me hand and foot, ran errands, went grocery shopping, and slept on an air mattress for two weeks (that could NOT have been comfortable).

A week before she was scheduled to go home I was already dreading her departure, but not because I would no longer have a maid (although I DO miss being taken care of). I was sad because of how much I miss her when she leaves. She's not only a perfect example for me, she's my best friend, and my favorite person to talk to (other than Brent, of course). I always feel silly saying "thank you" to her, because it is so inadequate.

I think that my mom is as close to perfect as a mother can get. She's perfect to me. I love you Mom.


Meggan said...

So sweet. My mom does so much for me too and I feel the lamest saying, "thank you".

I'm glad she could help you out for 2 whole weeks!

Shauna said...

You mom is just like Scott's. I totally cease to exist when she's around because she keeps them so busy. I always make sure I have some books to read when she's coming; there's nothing else for me to do.