Friday, February 20, 2009

The first month

A few pics from our first month with Lincoln:

Sitting on the couch last night:

A month ago, Cooper seemed like my little baby. He doesn't seem so little any more!

Mercedes at the zoo with her friends:

We didn't get any pictures of Cooper at the zoo, but he was pretty funny that day. He does NOT like the snakes or the alligators. Every time he was near either he would animatedly point away and say, "That way! That way!" He couldn't get away fast enough!

Cooper loves to hold his baby. Unfortunately he's had a cold this week. I'm sure he's tired of me saying, "don't touch the baby!"

This is where Lincoln spends most of his sleeping hours:

In a week or two we'll get him used to the crib. I just haven't been brave enough yet! Both Cooper and Mercedes spent their first two months sleeping in the swing. Lincoln is becoming a great night-sleeper, thank goodness. If I weren't nursing, he'd probably be sleeping through the night! I still have a week or two of waking him up to eat after 5 hours so I don't lose my milk supply. Last night he went for two stretches of 5 hours! Hopefully I'll soon get used to the schedule and stop waking up every hour or so. It's amazing how great our kids are, we sure are blessed.


AnnmarieOlava said...

Wow! He is such a cutie. Great addition to the already beautiful Bethers family.

Kerri said...

I can't believe how big that Cooper is getting! And Lincoln is really so adorable! I love the picture of the two boys together.

My boys have slept in the car seat for their first 6 months and I don't feel bad about it at all! We do what we can as mothers to get as much rest as possible! That is amazing that Lincoln is giving you that much sleep already!

Candice Carter said...

You are very lucky! My kids have always been good sleepers....still are. My family knows not to call on the weekends before 10AM because we are all still sleeping! I get a lot of slack from my family, but they are just jealous!! Take care of that beautiful family!!

Meggan said...

I love that first picture! He is so adorable.

So is the swing rocking all night? My kids aren't very good sleepers and I cannot imagine having to wake them up in the middle of the night!!! You must share your tips with me.