Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few pictures

Today we've all been stuck at home. Brent is on call this weekend, and has to stay within a 1/2 hour drive of the base. Our church is more like 45 minutes away, so every 6 weeks he misses church. Cooper's been sick this week and I can't leave him home with Brent (in case he gets called in), so we all stayed home. We're terrible about taking pictures, so we made the effort today. Not many turned out, but here are a few fun ones:


Meggan said...

Those are so cute! Do you set up a makeshift studio? They look profressional with that white sheet!

So cute with the little baby.

easydoesit said...

Brent hung a sheet, and we put a white quilt on our bed. Then he got a ladder to stand on, so he wouldn't be so close. Our bedroom is the only room in the house with good light!