Friday, July 26, 2013


uncle chris, we miss you

A few people have been asking for news from the French front.  

I was super-excited when I got an email from mom on Tuesday night.  I expected dad to write, but not mom.  Anyone who knows Nancy, knows that writing just isn't her thing.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten word since that first update.  What I'd hoped would be a daily ritual was simply an anomaly.  I've tried calling at least once a day (I figure if it's 8:55 pm here, it's 5:55 am there - and they plan to walk every morning at 6 am), but their line still goes straight to voicemail.  Ugh.  

So here's what I know:

They left their house at 8:10am Monday morning bound for the SLC airport, and didn't get to their apartment in Lyon until 10:30 pm Tuesday night.  They may have caught a few stray hours of sleep here and there during travel, but at 4 am (Lyon time) on Wednesday morning mom was emailing me because after being up for something like 36 hours straight, she still could not sleep.  Hot apartment (no a/c) + foam pillow + fan noise + street noise + "someone" snoring = no sleep.  

Their flights were delayed: 1- in Salt Lake City (1.5 hrs), 2- in Chicago (4 hrs), 3- I'm guessing London? (it was their final leg).    I never heard if they paid the $50+ to "be afforded the luxury of sitting next to one another" during their flights.  I mean, really.  Can you believe that?  Reminds me of Les Miserables... "Master of the House!"  Miserable, indeed.

The couple whom mom and dad are replacing, the Jeppsons (call me, maybe?), are very nice.  They will be staying in the apartment with mom and dad on and off until August 6th (when they fly home).  August 6th is also the date when a large group of new missionaries arrive.  Mom called it "trial by fire."  (That seems to be what their last few months before leaving for Lyon were, so why should things change now, right?)

The Jeppsons have been working six days a week and never taking breaks, so we'll see if dad gets his trip to the Swiss temple anytime soon.  There is only one office couple to the mission's 260 missionaries because it's hard to find French-speaking couples.  So they're VERY busy.  

They plan to walk every morning at 6 am, and were hoping to find a bakery open that early.  Everyone buys their bread daily, and it's usually sold out by 11 am.  The largest mall in France is within walking distance of their 2 bedroom apartment, and there is a metro entrance just downstairs from them.  

Mom's birthday was Thursday (Happy Birthday Mom!), so I'm hoping that dad bought her a very fancy French cake (Fancy Nancy style).  I'm also hoping that she's gotten a feather pillow for herself.  We sent her a few videos of the kids singing birthday songs, but who knows if she's even checked her mail?

I was planning on starting a blog just for Nancy and Herb's mission stuff... but I've decided that that is entirely too much work.  It's summer.  I have children to entertain and sun to enjoy (it only really shines for 1/4 of the year here).  I'll put the updates here on this blog.  Hopefully they'll send some photos soon!

Bonne soirée!

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