Sunday, July 28, 2013

notes from france

I don't have many pictures of me with my mom.
I love this one from 1987.
It was taken for a "Merrie Miss" program.
San Ramon, CA

I've been anxiously awaiting news from FRANCE.

Yesterday, Mercedes got an email from Dad.  I was jaloux (we're working on our French in preparation for our visit).  She got very upset when I told her that he wrote to her and not to me because he likes her best.  (But come on; we all know it's true!)

But hallelujah!  I got home from church and found a new message from mom!  (Dad has yet to write to me.)  

Sister Jeppson was very sweet to mention to Pres. Roney that mom hasn't been able to sleep because of the heat (fan too loud, like a sauna w/o, have to keep door shut for privacy).  Pres. Roney straightway sent some Elders out to buy a portable air conditioner for her.  I'm so glad that she's being taken care of!  Brent bought one for me last summer and it has made summer life much more enjoyable.  

Mom and Dad attended their first church meeting today.  They took two metro trains and walked a few blocks to get there.  Mom was asked to accompany on the piano in Relief Society and then in Sacrament Meeting.  She was amazed at being able to do both without performance fright.  "We are blessed when we are willing to serve," were her wise words.  After church she was asked to accompany the ward choir.

Tonight they're off to have dinner with the Jeppsons at the Roneys' home.

I'm still waiting to hear if she was asked to share her testimony in French today.  I know that she was pretty worried about that.  I'm guessing she would have mentioned it, though.  

And Dad:  if you're reading this, your children are waiting to hear from you!

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