Friday, February 1, 2013

more Christmas 2012

Playing the Wii with Gram.
The best part of Christmas this year was definitely having Gram and Grandpa B with us.

About to open Christmas Eve jammies from Grandma.

Lincoln named his giant pillow pet "Mr. Chum-Chum."
It's pretty amusing to watch him lug the giant monkey up and down the stairs.
It takes up half of his bed at night.

Cooper's elephant (which Brent named "phanty"),d and stocking.

An embarrassment of riches.

The power went out right before we called the kids down 
(and right after I'd turned the oven on to pre-heat for breakfast). 
 We opened gifts by candlelight and snapped a few pictures once the sun came up.
Then Grandpa B and Gram treated us to breakfast at IHOP 
(one of the few restaurants open on Christmas morning).  
I've wanted another cup of gingerbread hot cocoa ever since.
We got home around 11 and - hallelujah! - the power was back on!!!  
So we finally cooked breakfast (overnight french toast - yum!) and served it for lunch.

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