Friday, February 1, 2013

it's the most wonderful time... of 2012

Christmas crafts.

Copying Daddy.

Ornaments made by my Grandmother Allphin and Grandmother Clark.

Birthday Card from M.
So sweet.


Brent helped the kids to make 3 snow-people: a Mercedes, a Cooper, and a Lincoln.After which, Lincoln destroyed them with a plastic bat.

This wet snow is great for making "things."
I remember when I lived in humid Michigan, we used to make snow forts at recess.
We don't get quite enough snow for that here.
It was all melted by afternoon, but Lincoln had fun while it was on the ground!
He was ready to go out there before sunrise (which isn't too early here).
Poor guy froze his hands off with "yarn" gloves, but he stayed out the longest of the three.
Brent was working a half-day (his version of Christmas break).
I just leaned out the sliding door to take pictures - the California girl in me means that I DO NOT play in snow without the proper attire (because I will FREEZE to death).

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