Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spring break, part one

We had TOO much fun in Utah with family for spring break this year.

Today after school (her first day back since the break) Mercedes was disgusted that she didn't get to go somewhere "special."  A walk around the block (which is all that we had time for) was just too ordinary.  

It always takes a while for the kids to "re-adjust" after the grandparents do all their "spoiling."

We are happy to be back in our home, but we miss family already!  

Last night Mercedes offered our family prayer and it went something like this: "please bless grandma and grandpa that they'll be ok (she's worried about them being on their own again, I think) and please bless us that the time will pass really fast until we can see them again, and that Gram will come to visit us soon...

This morning her prayer sounded quite similar.  

She's just heartbroken to be away from grandparents.  

She cried herself to sleep last night sobbing, "I want graaaannndmaaaaa!"

Mercedes and Coop on the Carousel at the new Provo Beach Resort.

Grandpa B helping Linc with his mini-croquet swing.

Arrrgggghhh, mee hardees!
Coop at Pirate Island.

We love this picture of Gram and Lincoln.  

Uncle Kevin loves Linc's shades.


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