Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from the mouths of babes

Cooper to Brent during church on Sunday: "Can I get some help here?"

Lincoln (yelling) during church: "Wet's gooooo!  I want to weeeaave!!!"

Lincoln to Brent this evening:  "Daddy - you poop."  After which he stuck his nose in Brent's bum.

Mercedes: "Why is everyone being so mean to me today?  I was trying so hard to be good and have a good day and everyone is just being mean for no reason!"

Cooper in response to my question of "why did you poo in your pants?" was: "because I waited too long to go to the bathroom?"

Cooper: "BOBO FACE!!!  ha ha ha ha ha!!"  
Me: "Where did you learn that word?"  
Cooper:  "I made it up!"

Lincoln with his face 1/2 inch from mine: "Mom-meee!!!  Dad-deeee's home!!!! Yay!!!"

Mercedes:  "Mommy, you're the nicest person ever."

Cooper: "You're the meanest mommy ever."

Lincoln after Cooper was put in timeout in the "high-spot" (a place he doesn't try to escape from):  "Poopah ah ah ah ah timeout ah ah ah high-pot?"

Mercedes: "That isn't FAIR! I NEVER get to watch my movie at movie-night.  Cooper ALWAYS gets to pick it."  (He picks 5% of the time).

Cooper: "Mommy, I love you."

Lincoln:  "NOOOOOO!!!!!  Go AWAY!  Leave me ALONE!" - after waking up from a nap.

Cooper: "Don't TALK to me!"

Have I ever mentioned that we're a very loud bunch?
Most of our speaking would be considered yelling by normal people.

I blame it on the percentage of hearing I lost from repeated ear infections as a child.
My mom used to always say, "Lisa - we're all in the same room."
Now I say that to my kids.

But its likely that we're just plain loud.

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