Monday, November 1, 2010

happy birthday uncle gerratt!

Halloween here on Palisade Blvd. was AWESOME!  

We had a ton of fun (we meaning me, Mercedes and Cooper) sitting on the porch and handing out candy - at least until we ran out, that is.  We saw some great costumes.  My favorite was Napoleon Dynamite.  There were some pretty scary looking teenagers covered with blood!  I think that the masks scare me the most.  The ones that are like hockey masks and completely disguise the wearer.  Those freak me out.

Although rain was forecast (and of course it rained on our trunk-or-treat on Saturday), the night was cold and CLEAR.  Rain would have taken some of the fun away, I think.  The kids had a lot of fun gathering candy at the church party on Saturday night, and although Mercedes was feeling a bit left out as she watched the trick-or-treaters traveling from house to house together, Cooper had a blast serving his "customers" in his shaggy dog costume.  He even scared a few toddlers.
Coop as a Shaggy Dog last Halloween

By 7:30 we'd run out of candy.  Which worked out pretty well, since that's the kids' bedtime.

And so today after I'd taken down the Halloween decorations we turned on the CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I usually start Christmas listening long  before Halloween, but this year I waited.

Now I've got my Hobble Creek Baked Apple candle burning and Peter Breinholt's Christmas CD playing as the boys chase each other around the house and I get dinner ready with the rain pouring down outside.

I am so excited for Christmastime!

And so on this first day of November 2010, we'd like to shout a very loud and happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Uncle Gerratt.  Hope your day (and year) is awesome.

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