Monday, October 4, 2010

we're getting ready...

As the kids get older, Halloween is becoming more and more fun for me.

This year we're having lots of fun decorating the house together.

For family night this evening, we made some decorations.

We also took some "costume" pics for the grandparents - so that they could have a preview of things to come.

(As a side note, Cooper is in the kitchen with Brent - still working on their art projects. Cooper has been saying to Brent: "When we're rich, that's when we're going to die. That's what Mercedes told me. But don't worry - Jesus will fix us." This kid seems to be VERY interested in death. And sword-fighting. And bad guys.)

This is the hat that Brent made for Cooper.

The leaves are changing.

I bought fresh apple juice at the market today.

I love autumn!!!

So my question is:

Are YOU getting ready?

Are you having as much fun as we are?


Chris said...

BYU? Really? How Unfortunate. Miss you guys.

easydoesit said...

the usc ones are just a wee bit out of our price range:)