Wednesday, September 30, 2009

far far away

That's where Brent is; far, far away.  It feels so weird.  And scary.  Just because he's SO far away.

Today he flew from Washington to Virginia to New Hampshire.  I'm not sure what's after that because right before his flight left for New Hampshire even he didn't know what was next.   We're expecting the rest of his journey to consist of stops in Germany, Kuwait and Iraq before ending at Kandahar.  


Meggan said...

oh so sad. i [sort of] understand. when joses is gone across the country, i feel so empty. but 2-3 weeks is SO MUCH less than what brent is doing.

hang in there. i know there is really nothing else i can say to make you feel better!!

thinking about you. xoxoxo

easydoesit said...

Thanks Meggan! You know, I think that you have it harder than I do. I said to Brent last week, "I'm glad that you're going and getting it over with, rather than leaving for weeks at a time over and over again." I think that it would be so hard to always have him leaving, ESPECIALLY with four! I don't know how you do it. And by the way, you really DID make me feel better - thank you!