Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am a Child of God

I just about lost my marbles on Thursday afternoon when I found a postcard in the car. Our primary gives out closing exercises assignments on postcards. I'm used to having at least two weeks notice on such things, which is why I was shocked to finally read the card that Mercedes was given last Sunday (which I'd forgotten about) and realize that her assignment was to talk this week! My first thought was that there was no way that I could write a talk and get her to memorize it in time. So... I handed the responsibility to Brent. Bright and early Saturday morning Brent and Mercedes sat down together and came up with a talk. With her Daddy's help, she recalled an experience that helped her to know that Heavenly Father loves her. Brent made some lined paper (with extra-large spacing for Kindergartner handwriting), and Mercedes wrote down every word herself. I was impressed. Sometimes, I think that I expect too much from my kids. In this case, I had underestimated her.

The primary theme this year is "I am a Child of God." Here is a copy of her talk:

I know Jesus loves me because he answers my prayers.

When I was in preschool I had to walk to school one day when my Dad had to take the car to work. It was going to rain. I was scared I was going to get wet on the way to school. I decided to say a prayer that I would not get wet on the way to school.

Heavenly Father answered my prayer and I did not get wet.

I had forgotten about this experience until now (it's been almost two years). I'm not a pack-rat and don't like saving things, but I think I'll save her hand-written copy. It is touching to see her testimony written by her own hand. What a sweet girl she is!

What was even more impressive is that she actually gave her talk! In the past, we have prepared talks and she's worked hard to memorize them. She's shy in front of groups, though, and has always ended up curled into my chest while I give the talk for her. This was the first day that she actually read her talk (and she wasn't even scared). I was so proud of her! I am grateful for and humbled by these precious spirits who have been sent to our home. What wonderful teachers they are.

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Lolli said...

What a sweet talk, made even sweeter by the fact that she remembered that experience on her own.