Saturday, August 6, 2016

Word from France

Mom sent me a quick email from the mission office once they'd arrived in Paris on Tuesday.  She must know me... of course I was concerned and relieved to get word ;).  They were told that it would likely be a full week before they were assigned somewhere, and I was worried that they'd be stuck in the office again.  

I've been checking my email religiously since then, hoping for news.  

My wish was granted today!

Dad sent this email:


We got our assignment to be a Branch President in Charleville-Mezieres.  This is a smaller town, 60K population, in the Ardennes of Northern France very near the Belge border.

We are in an old but OK hotel for a week while we transition with the Wilson couple who leave on the 14th.  Guess what, there are Nigerian refugees here and they make up about half of the Branch.  Branch has about 20 active members they say.  The Nigerians speak English and Mom will be teaching Institute and who knows what else in English.  It sounds like we will be busy preparing lessons and whatnot on a constant basis.  Many of the members are older, only one primary child and YM & YW are perhaps 2 or 3 max.  Without the Nigerians, the Branch would have likely been closed down.  We do have one team of young Elders here - one arrived with us.

It is cool here just now, so not having the problem we did upon arriving in Lyon.  This will be interesting and I will need to get my French going.

We love you and pray all is well with you and the family.

Love you

Mom and Dad most wanted to work with refugees, and I think they were a bit disappointed about their assignment to the Paris, France mission.  

I am so excited for them to love and assist Nigerian refugees!  And mom (who spent 23 months in France and learned nothing more than how to say thank you and ask where the "water closet" is) gets to teach in English!  I'm sure she's feeling super-blessed.  

For those who might not know, a branch president is a leader of a local congregation - a very small congregation.  

I am already dying to visit.  I'd originally planned to take Mercedes with me to France when my parents are getting ready to come home in 23 months, but I don't know if I can wait that long!  I may just need to take all three kids to visit this spring or summer ;).  

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