Thursday, September 15, 2011


Fall is my favorite season.  In fact, before I met Brent I wanted to someday have a daughter named "Autumn."  Of course, he shot that one down in less than 2 seconds, just like the rest of my baby name suggestions.  Yup - he's pretty much named all of our kids.  I've chosen the middle names because he doesn't care about those, maybe because he's always just had a letter.  H.  That's Brent's middle name.  But I've gotten completely sidetracked.  I love the fall.

The temperatures are lowering, and the air SMELLS different.  It FEELS different.  That's how I know summer is gone.  I'm looking forward to the green changing to gold and orange and red.  I'm getting ready to find my pumpkin candle and pull out the hot chocolate mugs.  I'm excited to decorate for Halloween, and I'm ESPECIALLY excited that my parents will be visiting soon!!!!!  We're counting down the days, mom and dad.

Let this serve as a notice to y'all:  We finally put a Queen Bed in Mercedes room, so we are READY and WAITING for any visitors to ring our doorbell!

It's been a hard few weeks for us here.  I've been sick for almost a month straight now.  Flu, ear infection that took forever to clear up, and now tonsillitis that is ALSO taking forever to clear up.  Sinus infections too, which are probably causing some of the aforementioned infections.  But today, even though my throat still hurts and my head ACHES and I feel weak and tired - I am not discouraged.  I am looking forward!  Brent gave me a Priesthood Blessing last night, before which I WAS feeling quite discouraged.  I am so thankful for the gospel, and for my patient boys who have hardly left the house this week.

Life is a blessing.

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