Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i am going to be an aunt!!!

Well, I guess I am already an aunt.  And it's so much fun to BE an aunt.

But this time, I will be an aunt to someone with whom I will share a special bond.  Something that just the two of us have in common (at least pertaining to my immediate family).  We will both share the "maiden" name of CLARK.

Congrats to Annemarie and Kevin who are having a....


Mercedes is ecstatic to have another girl cousin (she's only got one right now).  The Bethers clan is awesome at making boys.  But we're excited to add some more estrogen to the mix.  

This will also be the first cousin born on the Clark side.  I'm sure that my parents are doing cartwheels.  They live for the grandkids.  Grandkids are their favorite hobby.  And now they'll have one living just down the road.  

I just wish I could move in on their street.  And be the best baby-sitter ever.  I probably won't get too many chances to baby-sit, though, since 13 hours is a bit far to drive...  darn it.

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Gretch said...

I just read the last few blog entries! I love how I felt I like I was right there at dinner with you, you are great at journaling! Poor Mercedes! I have to side with her, I prefer water from a certain faucet growing up too!

:) Gretchen