Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Brother

Cooper is the cutest little boy I know... when he's happy. When Cooper is happy, he's like sunshine. He sparkles. He's full of "please" and "thank you" and "sure" and "luv you." He runs and jumps with excitement when he sees a bus. He runs to Mercedes when she gets home from school, hugging and kissing her.

Maybe he's reached "the terrible two's;" I'm not sure. Lately if he doesn't immediately get things just the way he wants them, he EXPLODES. I really thought that he'd be more like Brent (super easy-going) than me and Mercedes... but it looks like he's a Drama Queen too. The most frustrating thing is that when he's upset he refuses to talk, so we have to guess at what's bothering him. When he wakes up from his nap he just lays in his bed and screams. I REALLY hope that it's all a result of the molars he's getting in, and not a permanent pattern. Still... we can't help but love him to death, especially when he's showing his sweeter side.

Each time Cooper sees Lincoln, he wants to hold and hug and kiss him. It always goes something like this:

Cooper: "Come'ere Ginkon, come'ere!"
kiss kiss (on the head, hopefully)

"I wuv you Ginkon."
hug, pat on the tummy

Mommy: "Be soft, Cooper!"

Cooper: "OK. Come'ere Ginkon!"
kiss, kiss, kiss

Mommy: "That's enough kissing!"

It's just so sweet to see how much our kids love each other.

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Candice Carter said...

Your kids are so gorgeous! You are so blessed! Take care....;0)